Run Workouts Run Workouts


Run workouts will take place in various locations around the campus. Please refer to the workout calendar for details on the location and duration of the run workout. A lot of team members like to run around the UC Davis Arboretum or along Davis’s greenbelt. Most of the speed workouts will take place on the track at Toomey field. Toomey field is located at the corner of 5th St. and A St (very close to Hickey pool). If you are looking for new run loops to go on, feel free to ask any of the officers or past team members for ideas.


Most of the run workouts will be lead by an experienced run coordinator during the fall season. Some workouts will be lead by our head coach, every Tuesday and Thursday after swimming seesion at 5 p.m.. Running drills will be incorporated into the workouts throughout the year, but will be emphasized more in the fall. Our head coach will lead most of the run workouts during the winter and spring. Workouts during these seasons will concentrate more on speed drills, tempo work, and building up to race distance.

Run workouts will follow the training plans provided by our head coach, so please refer to the workout calendar and also check the training plan for more details.

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