Current Officers Current Officers
President: Simone Federici
president @
Vice President: Brandon Reddish
membership @
Training Officer: Nicholas McEnroe
training @
Treasurer: Rachel Preeg
treasurer @
Travel Coordinator: Emily Erlenbach
travel @
Racing Coordinator: Michael Brooks, Moses Wolfe-Polgar, Evan To, Arin Sadeghi
racing @
Secretary/WCCTC Rep: Scotty Mahan
secretary @
Sponsorship: Meghan Nesbit
sponsorship @
Publicity: Camille Andre, Sarah Sun
publicity @
Uniforms Director: Jeremie Showa, Megan Inman-Gaylord
clothing @
Social Coordinator: Makenna Marty, Michelle Swarovski
social @
Fundraising Coordinator: Sonja Bumann
fundraising @
Webmaster: Rin Sa
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General Questions: info @
Meet The Officers

The list of 2015-2016 officers can be found here.

If you would like to sponsor our team, please send an email with contact information to