Officers 2008-2009 Officers 2008-2009
President: Rebecca Kwong
president @
VP of Membership: Kristin Parrinella
membership @
VP of Training: Ben Hwa
training @
Treasurer: Kyle Ryan
treasurer @
Racing Coordinators: Valerie Arechiga, Alex Morelan
racing @
Secretary/WCCTC Rep: Kim Bui
secretary @
Sponsorship: Ryan Doyle
sponsorship @
Publicity: Kellie Banfield, Jon Anderson
info @
Clothing Directors: Kellie Banfield, Sonja Fenske
clothing @
Social Coordinators: Tess Duffy, Ryan Doyle
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UCD Race Director: Ben Hwa
race @
Webmaster: Jon Crussell
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General Questions: info @

If you would like to sponsor our team, please send an email with contact information to