Officers 2005-2006 Officers 2005-2006
President: Paul Dayton
president @
Vice President: Amy Encalada
vp @
Secretary: Matt Roper
secretary @
Treasurer: Danny Lee
treasurer @
Assistant Treasurer: Amy Encalada
treasurer @
Webmaster: Matt Roper
webmaster @
Race Directors: Cater Ortolano, Paul Dayton, Danny Lee, Susanne Stieger
ucdrace @
WCCTC Representatives: Aaron Driver, Brandon Haydu
wcctc @
Clothing Directors: Amy Encalada, Linsey Bradshaw, Brandon Zipp
clothing @
Sponsorship: Scott Fischbein, Brandon Zipp
sponsorship @
Social Coordinators: Scott Fischbein, Brandon Zipp
social @
Fundraising: Scott Fischbein
fundraising @
Coach: Bryan Pro
coachpro @
General Questions: info @

If you would like to sponsor our team, please send an email with contact information to