2018-2019 Officers 2018-2019 Officers
President: Alyssa Allen
president @ ucdtri.com
Vice President: Victoria Woolfolk
membership @ ucdtri.com
Treasurer: Jason Lin
treasurer @ ucdtri.com
Travel Coordinator: Elise Chu
travel @ ucdtri.com
Race Director: Francesca D'Cruz (lead), Pierce Desmond, and Olivia Smith
racing @ ucdtri.com
Secretary/WCCTC Rep: Tristan Saltonstall
secretary @ ucdtri.com
Sponsorship: Dylan Ostermann
sponsorship @ ucdtri.com
Publicity/Recruitment: Fiona Swift and Angie Law
publicity @ ucdtri.com
Uniforms Director: Sofia Ries and Rini Jaldlonski
clothing @ ucdtri.com
Social Coordinator: Ivan Yang and Dylan Ostermann
social @ ucdtri.com
Fundraising/Volunteering Coordinator: Mira Mastoras
fundraising @ ucdtri.com
Webmaster: Aidan Ramey.
webmaster @ ucdtri.com
General Questions: info @ ucdtri.com

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If you would like to sponsor our team, please send an email with contact information to sponsorship@ucdtri.com