Meet the Officers Meet the Officers
Michael Brooks
President (

Hi everyone! My name is Michael Brooks and I'm a fourth year Biomedical Engineering major from Pleasanton, CA. This is my fourth year on the team and I'm excited to be this year's President. I look forward to another great year of training and racing! I came from a water polo and swimming background. I spend my summers lifeguarding for the East Bay Regional Park District and got involved with triathlon after guarding several races. Please feel free to contact me about anything!EOT;

Sonja Bumann
Vice President (


Kieran Bolger
Treasurer (

What upppp, my name is Kieran and I will be hounding you for money this year! I am a NPB major and this will be my third year on the team. I did cross country in high school and was pretty mediocre so when I got to college I decided to try and be equally mediocre in three sports, all combined into one! I enjoy long walks on the beach, play dates with my puppy, and consistently eating Peanut Butter Banana Dark Chocolate Cliff bars and pasta (hence my huge quads). Lil Dicky is my idol and I look to forward to meeting you all!

Sarah Sun
Travel Coordinator (

Hi! I'm Sarah and this year, I'll be one of your Publicity officers! I'm a third year Clinical Nutrition major and I've loved being on the the UCDavis Triathlon team. Don't be intimidated by 3 sports, its great! I ran my firs, well I guess swam and biked and ran and whatever ANYWAY my first triathlon this past year and let me tell you, THE EXHILARATION IS INCREDIBLE. This team provides:
a community of people who encourage you to achieve your athletic endeavors in fitness the best of friendships and more importantly:
provides you with the knowledge of how to REALLY eat a burrito.
Expect many trips to chipotle, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, the best workout buddies fo lyfe 'cue peace sign' and of course many fun experiences that'll make college the best! Outside of practice you'll probably see me making puns, slappin some fine rhymes, snapchatting, eating salad, rolling my eyes, having an excessive amount of snot while biking or nervously laughing (its a sign of endearment, trust me). Can't wait to laugh with you long into our 40's :')

Moses Wolfe-Polgar
Race Director (

Hey all, this is Moses Wolfe-Polgar! I am a third year Biochemistry major. I hope to eventually work with professional athletes. As for triathlon, I am one of this year's race directors, so I'll be coordinating sponsors for the Aggieathlon in the fall. The UC Davis Triathlon Club offers such an amazing group of people and a great way to get into the sport! Everyone is so helpful and nice, it's just a great environment for beginners and elites alike. I encourage anyone and everyone to give it a shot, as intimidating as it may seem.
Go Aggies!

Evan To
Race Director (

Hi all! My name is Evan To and I'm a third year Civil Engineering major in the College of Engineering. This is also my third year on the team and I can not imagine my college career without being a part of this family. I'm also another one of the race directors along with Moses, and Kyle and handle duties for the team regarding publicity and outreach.
My side-skills include music hoarding, culinary experimentation and improve, hitting the speakeasies with my bro Nick McEnroe, being a yogi, and much more! As an aside, I also have pretty bad sleeping habits and am also a ball of nerves so I'm not entirely sure how I got into this sport but I can tell you that if I can do it, so can you! DO IT FOR THE FRENDSHIP!!!
And if you have any questions, whether they're about the club, the sport, or about me, please feel free to ask! Hoping to see your face around!

Kyle Jacobs
Race Director Assistant (

Hi friends! My name is Kyle and I am a third year double majoring in biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering. I am from Aliso Viejo, CA which is near Irvine. My officer position is Assistant Race Director, this means I handle all the Aggieathlon sponsorship, expo, and the super cool race tshirt. Outside of triathlon you can find me talking to dogs and arguing with NorCal people that their Mexican food is fake. If you have any questions or afraid of joining because swimming horrifies you, feel free to hit me up!

Trevor Metz
Social Coordinator (


Alyssa Thomas
Social Coordinator (

I am Alyssa, a fourth year
who aims to design outdoor gear
so I'm a product design major
because I like to be in nature
I'm also an outdoor guide
I backpack and xc ski on the side
of tri training during the week
for adventuring I am a geek
my second year on the team
transfer student from UMich to Davis dream
6 years spent a Puma club team swimmer
two years a triathlete, now my eyes glimmer

Elise Chu
Secretary/WCCTC Rep (

Hi! I'm Elise Chu and I am a second-year Environmental Science and Management major! It's my second year on this amazing, fun-filled, and spunky team and I encourage everyone to join!! Most of my friends are on the tri team and they made college super enjoyable. In high school, I ran cross country and track and before that, I swam on a club team so I decided to combine the sports into one:) I also love baking, backpacking, going into the outdoors, traveling throughout the world, and playing piano and flute! I cant wait to meet everyone and I am always willing to help everyone!!

Alyssa Allen
Foundrasing/Volunteering Cordinator (

Hey!! My name is Alyssa Allen and I'm a 2nd year Clinical Nutrition major (so basically I'll be getting paid to tell everyone to eat their vegetabl...) and the Fundraising Coordinator this year. This is my 2nd year on the triathlon team and joining tri has added so much to my college experien... also people think you're really cool when you say you do three sports. I ran cross country and swam in high school (and did one super short triathlon where I came in basically last). In any free time I have outside of tri and school, I love hiking, backpacking, cooking, and roaming the aisles of Trader Joe's. Feel free to ask me any questions, triathlon-related or not, or just come say hi!

Claudia Ferreira
Sponsorship (

Hi, my name is Claudia Ferreira and I am a second year veterinary student here at UC Davis. There is a special place in my heart for triathlon, skiing and above all cows! I started triathlon 2 years ago at my alma mater, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. At this time I did not know how to swim, didn't own a bike and didn't even consider running as an enjoyable experience (to put it lightly). I spend most of my time in the barns taking care of horses, but there have been rare sightings of me on the undergraduate campus. Stop me and say hi! I don't bite and I'd love to talk to you about anything from cow noses (cutest part of the cow obviously) to afternoon bike rides! I can't wait to share the amazing lifestyle of triathlon with all you!

Savannah Boyd
Publicity/Recruitment (

Hello it's Sav!! I'm a second year and I'll be your Publicity and Recruitment officer this year (heading it up with the wonderful Brittany Black). I joined the team my freshman year after thinking that I wouldn't do a sport that involved running EVER again because I thought I was burnt out after 6 years of it. Unfortunately (fortunately) the people were too cool and the sport was too exciting to pass on this team! Besides working out, I love love LOVE hiking and backpacking, talking about food (crazy Nutrition Science major, what can I say), and spending hours under the sun at the beach (shoutout to my lovely home base, San Diego). If you're intimidated by three sports, DON'T BE! This triathlon club is an incredible group of people and the sport gives you a rush like no other. Feel free to reach out to me to chat, because I enjoy meeting new people and talking about things I love! See ya out there!!

Brittany Black
Publicity/Recruitment (

Hey peeps! My name is Brittany and I will be one of the Publicity and Recruitment Officers for this year! My fellow co-partner, Sav, and I are here to help RECRUIT and EXPAND the triathlon familia, as well as keep the social sites updated! I am a second year Human Development major, and I come from a running and swimming background (just keep swimming just keep swimming)! In my free time, I love quoting Will Ferrell or listening to a good podcast! If you're looking for a rad sport, try TRI! It combines three of the best sports ever AND you get to make friends while doing it! Come on a bike ride and frolic in the trees; it's life changing! ALSO, if you ever have any questions about ANYTHING or just wanna chat, I'm here! Wohoooo, here's to a snazzzzzzzy year ahead of us!

Jeremie Showa
Uniform Director (

Hey everyone! My name is Jeremie Showa and my job is to provide you with sweet UCD tri gear! I come from a cycling and running background in San Francisco. The water can be a little cold for me. You will soon find out that I just do not tolerate cold. This is my fourth year on the team and I am very excited to meet everyone! If you guys have any questions I'm here!

Francesca D'Cruz
Uniform Director (

Hello hello! I Francesca D'Cruz, am one of your uniform coordinators this year! A current biological systems engineering major from the homeland of Maryland who is very excited to be kitting all of you out. While the exercise that comes with triathlons is questionably quite enjoyable, the rad group who will stick with you through it all are SO worth it. Seriously look no further to swim, bike, run, and eat your way to happiness!! Can't wait to meet all the new athletes this fall and crush it out there on the course. As some one who was fresh out the water to triathlons, let me tell you, the experience is definitely worth it. Reach me at any of the above and I'd love to answer any of your questions or just have a chat. GO AGS! annnnnnnnd rush TRI :-)

Webmaster (

The website was developed by two former members who did great job. And this year I'll take care of the website to keep it up-to-date and do minor changes and also make sure that all new members have full access and answer any question regarding to our website.
So don't hesitate to shot me an email if you have any question, suggestion, concern, or problem. I'll really appreciate your feedback.

If you would like to sponsor our team, please send an email with contact information to