Information on How to Join Information on How to Join
Membership/Administration Questions Who is eligible to join the team?

In order to join the team, you have to be a registered student (undergraduate or graduate) at UC Davis. If you are not associated with the university, you can't officially be a team member. Also, if you're not affiliated with UCD and are interested in being part of a triathlon team, you can check out the Davis Mad Cows Racing Team.

How do I join the team?
  1. Create an account on this website so that you can make use of the workout calendar and other important team web tools.
  2. Follow the steps (starting at step 2) on the Campus Recreation and Unions website Click Here. For $10 Administrative Fee (aka B2H), follow the link, click "Sport Clubs", select Triathlon (might prompt you to login), then click "Add to Cart" and proceed to checkout.
  3. Come to practice! You get TWO weeks of practices to "tri before you buy". Come hang out and practice with the team for two weeks, and if you're sold, hand in your dues! Note: you must purchase the $10 insurance (Administrative Fee aka B2H) to be able to practice with the team for that first two weeks. Liability, man.
  4. Give dues to Kieran (Treasurer), Michael (President), or Sonja (Vice President). To avoid money getting lost by saying it can go to any officer. It is $65 per quarter or $165 for the year. Cash, Venmo to @ucdtriathlon, or Checks can be made payable to "Triathlon at UCD". Member dues are non-refundable, non-transferable, and do not rollover past the current school year.
  5. Come to the team meetings and practices. Our first meeting usually takes place the first week of October and we have at least one meeting every month after that. Meeting times and locations will be announced in team emails, so look out for those.
  6. Subscribe to our team email list so that you get important team news that gets send out.
  7. Keep comin and hangin out!!!
Is there a team email list? How do I get on it?

Yes, we do have a team email list that allows you to send and receive team emails. Prior to being added to the email list, please make and verify a website account. After making an account details on how to join can be found here. To send an email to the team, send mail to

I have questions about your team. Who should I contact?

We'll be happy to answer any questions you have. You can send general questions to If you're having problems with the website (e.g., you can't create an account, your password isn't working, etc.), you can send those questions to webmaster If you think your question can be best handled by a specific officer of the team, you can find a list of officer email addresses on the Officers page. For other information regarding Training, Racing, and the Website see our FAQs page. you can send those questions to

If you would like to sponsor our team, please send an email with contact information to