Membership and administration Questions I have questions about your team (that aren't answered in this FAQ). Whom should I contact?

We'll be happy to answer any questions you have. You can send general questions to info@ucdtri.com. If you're having problems with the website (e.g., you can't create an account, your password isn't working, etc.), you can send those questions to webmaster @ucdtri.com. If you think your question can be best handled by a specific officer of the team, you can find a list of officer email addresses on the Officers page.

Who is eligible to join the team?

In order to join the team, you have to be a registered student (undergraduate or graduate) at UC Davis. First two week is free, so do not hesitate to join and train with us. Just creat an account and check our workout calendar. Also, if you're not affiliated with UCD and are interested in being part of a triathlon team, you can check out the Davis Mad Cows Racing Team. They're a local non-university team and a really great group of people to train and race with.

How do I join the team?
  1. Create an account on this website so that you can make use of the workout calendar and other important team web tools.
  2. Follow the steps (starting at step 2) on the Campus Recreation and Unions website Click Here. For $10 Administrative Fee (aka B2H), follow the link, click "Sport Clubs", select Triathlon (might prompt you to login), then click "Add to Cart" and proceed to checkout.
  3. Come to practice! You get TWO weeks of practices to "tri before you buy". Come hang out and practice with the team for two weeks, and if you're sold, hand in your dues! Note: you must purchase the $10 insurance ( Administrative Fee aka B2H) to be able to practice with the team for that first two weeks. Liability, man.
  4. Give dues to Kieran (Treasurer), Michael (President), or Sonja (Vice President). To avoid money getting lost by saying it can go to any officer. It is $65 per quarter or $165 for the year. Cash, Venmo to @ucdtriathlon, or Checks can be made payable to "Triathlon at UCD". Member dues are non-refundable, non-transferable, and do not rollover past the current school year.
  5. Come to the team meetings and practices. Our first meeting usually takes place the first week of October and we have at least one meeting every month after that. Meeting times and locations will be announced in team emails, so look out for those.
  6. Subscribe to our team email list so that you get important team news that gets send out.
  7. Keep comin and hangin out!!!
Is attendance at team meetings required? I have a class conflict and can't attend.

No, attendance at team meetings is not mandatory, but if you can make it, we highly suggest that you come because we often make important announcements at the meetings. Coach John will also be at some of the meetings to give training and racing tips, so please try to make it to the meetings if possible. If you have class during one of our meetings and can't make it, don't worry about it. We will post meeting minutes on the website for all our meetings summarizing i everything that went on, so you don't miss a thing.

Is there a team email list? How do I get on it?

Yes, we do have a team email list that allows you to send and receive team emails. First, creat an account and login, then click here. Or send an mail to webmaster@ucdavis.edu.

I want to try this whole "triathlon" thing out before I sign up...can I?

Yep! Our team has a policy of "tri before you buy", where new members get two week of practices for free. This includes the swim workouts at Hickey Pool, the workouts led by Coach John, as well as all the other workouts going on throughout the week.

I just found out about your team, and it's already winter quarter. Is it too late for me to join the team for this year?

No. You can join any time during the year. Most new members join during fall quarter because you get a lot of the team discounts during this time (i.e. sponser discount, team night and uniform orders), but you are more than welcome to join throughout the year. We do, however, recommend that you join as early as possible so you don't miss out on our uniform order, training workshops/clinics, and fun team bonding events that usually occur in the fall. If you decide to join the team during winter or spring quarter, we'll be more than happy to bring you up to speed with all the team events that are going on.

Where do my dues go?

Team dues go towards coaching, lifeguard and pool fees, race subsidies, transportation and lodging for races, uniform subsidies, and all the awesome social events that take place during the year. Membership costs $65 a quarter or $165 a year.

Does the team have sponsorship deals?

Yes, our team offers a variety of great sponsorship deals that make the sport of triathlon a little more affordable. Most of our sponsors are listed on the sponsorship page, so if you have any questions about them, please don't hesitate to ask. More information about sponsorship deals will be discussed at the team meetings throughout the year.

Training Questions What the heck is a triathlon?

A triathlon is composed of 3 sports: swim, bike, run done in that order.

Wait a minute...three sports!!! That's insane! What if I can only do 1 of the 3 sports?

Yup, a triathlon is made up of 3 sports and it's not as scary as you think. Trust me. It's actually a ton of fun and once you get started, you kind of get hooked. Don't worry if you can only do 1 of the 3 sports because we have a super awesome coach who is willing to help anyone who is struggling with the swim, bike, or run. We also have a lot of experienced team members and officers who would love to help out anyone in need. Just ask! Our team is made up of all abilities, from someone who is just getting back into fitness hoping to finish his/her first triathlon to the seasoned triathlete with over 50 triathlon races under their belt.

Do I have to be in crazy good shape to join the team? If not, what is the minimum level of fitness required to join the club?

No, you definitely do not need to be in crazy good shape to join the team and there is no minimum level of fitness required to join the club. Surprised? Well, it's the truth! Our team welcomes athletes of all levels and abilities as long as you are willing to give it a "tri". Some of our team members come from a swimming background or a running background and decide they want to add some variety in their life, so they give the sport of triathlon a try. With the right attitude and a willingness to try something new, anyone can finish a triathlon!

How are the team workouts organized?

Our team workouts are divided into 3 phases. Fall quarter is usually base building where most of the workouts are organized around getting athletes into a good base of conditioning. Most of us are just getting back from summer vacation and haven't really kept a structured workout routine, so fall is a good time for us to get back into the sport. We usually do a lot of drills during this time. During winter quarter, we start incorporating more speed and intensity into the workouts to gear up for the new racing season. Spring quarter is mostly race season. We usually do tempo work and bricks during this phase to fine tune or training for upcoming races.

We have 3 coached workouts per week where Coach John leads the workouts. He usually does 2 swim and 2 run/bike workout during a weekday and 1 bike or Brick workout on the weekend. For the other workouts, we will have student coordinators available to lead the workout. Workouts will be posted on the workout calendar with the appropriate times/locations listed. Anyone can post a workout on the calendar as well.

What is a core workout?

A core workout is led by members of the team known as student workout coordinators. These fantastic people will organize workouts based on the pacing, drills and distances suggested by Coach John in his monthly training programs. Attendance at these workouts (which is not mandatory) will allow you to follow a training program appropriate for your level under the guidance of experienced triathletes.

Are the practices mandatory?

No, none of the practices are mandatory. You can go to as many workouts as you want to or can make. Every month, Coach John will provide training calendars for everyone that is catered toward 3 levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can choose the one that is best suited towards your ability and follow it. We understand that your schedule can get hectic and you may not be able to follow the training calendars to a "tee", so don't worry about it too much. If you end up getting off track and are afraid you won't be ready for a race in time because you've missed a couple of workouts, don't worry. Just let Coach John know and he'd be more than happy to re-adjust your training schedule.

Where do the swim practices take place?

All of the swim workouts will take place at Hickey pool, which is located near the memorial union bus terminal. Our team reserves the pool everyday for one hour from 4 to 5 p.m., so we get the pool to ourselves during that time. If you can't make it to the swim workouts, hickey has open lap swim 3 times a day, everyday so you can go to those. Check the campus recreation website for lap swim hours.

What is a Brick?

Contrary to the thought that it is something you may heave at someone if they are trying to draft off of you during a race, a "brick" is a workout that combines two of the three sports in a triathlon (i.e. swim-bike or bike-run). Much like actual bricks are stacked on top of each other, swimming, biking, and running are "stacked" during one workout session. This allows for training for transitions and believe it or not, by bricking regularly, you can improve the time it takes to transition between the slow uncomfortable shuffle of a run that might plague you immediately after the bike, and move into a flowing, smooth gazelle-like stride.

Later in the season, we will have open-water swim workouts at either Lake Berryessa or Lake Natoma, which is about 30-45 minutes away from Davis.

What type of equipment do I need to do a triathlon?

The most basic equipment you will need to do a triathlon includes: a swimsuit, a swim cap, goggles, a bike, a helmet, and running shoes.

Other Items that Might Make Your Race More Enjoyable:

  • Towel (to put in transition for your equipment, for drying your feet)
  • Sunscreen
  • Wetsuit (rent or buy: need them for open-water races when temperature is cold)
  • Body glide (prevents wetsuit chaffing and speeds removal of wetsuit)
  • Socks
  • Sunglasses
  • Clipless shoes and pedals (only if you are committed to the sport and are ready for the investment)
  • Spare tubes/tires (if you flat, which you will!)
  • Tire irons
  • Frame pump or CO2 cartridges (will need for if you flat)
  • Floor pump
  • Aerobars
  • Tool kit
  • Hat
  • Lace locks or elastic shoe laces (so you don't have to spend time tying your shoes in transition)
  • Race belt (for carrying your race number)
Racing Questions What races does the team compete in?

The team has several races, which we focus on throughout the year. For these races, designated "team races," the team will pay a portion of the registration fee. Most of these races are in the winter and spring, and typically include races at other universities such as Berkeley, Stanford, Cal Poly, etc. In addition to these team races, there are many other races, not necessarily all triathlons, throughout the year which teammates are encouraged to participate in. For more information and compelete list of races please check Upcoming Races page.

Do I have to race?

No, you are not required to race, but we highly encourage everyone to do at least one race during the season. Racing is a lot of fun because not only do you get to see how your training has paid off during the season, but also you get to spend time with your teammates and cheer them on. The camaraderie that we have on the time is truly amazing. Our team is known for being extremely loud and obnoxious when cheering and also for cheering every member across the finish line no matter his or her time. We're also known for being recruited by other spectators to cheer their significant other across the finish line!

What type of distances does the team compete at?

Two different distance and category in college level.

-Sprint distance race: 500-750 Meter swim, 12 Mile Bike, 3.1 Mile Run

-Olympic distance race: 0.9 Mile swim, 24 Mile Bike, 6.2 Mile Run

The length of the races widely varies. Sprint triathlons are about 400-800m swims, 10-15mi bike, 3-5mi runs ...(although in our area there is a set of "super sprints" at 250m swim, 6-10mi bike, and 2mi run). Most collegiate races fall into the sprint category although our collegiate championship race is an Olympic or international distance event. An Olympic distance race is 1.5K swim, 40K bike, and 10K run (or 0.9 mile swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run). If you decide you want something more challenging than Olympic distance then you can move up to a half ironman (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run) or even the full ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run.)

Website Questions Do I have to enable javascript to use this website?

The core feature of the website, the workout calendar, heavily relies on javascript to display workout information and navigate through the weeks. Without javascript, these features are unavailable, making the workout calendar useless. The webmaster doesn't really have the time to develop a non-javascript version so if you can, enable javascript for just this site.

I signed up for an account on the website, but never got the email that lets me verify my address. I can't log in and use my account. What should I do?

A spam filter may have eaten the verification email. If you don't see it anywhere in your spam box, send an email to our web master (webmaster @ucdtri.com) and he'll take care of verifying your address.

Why do some of the workouts on the website have envelopes next the them?

An envelope next to a workout's name means that there has been a new message posted on the workout since the last time you were on the calendar page. As soon as you navigate away from the calendar page, your last access time will be updated.

I posted a workout on the website calendar, but now I want to change some of the details or completely remove the workout. How do I do that?

First, make sure you're logged in to the website. Then open the dialog window for the workout you want to edit. Click the edit button in the top right corner. You can now type in a new time or new details for the workout. When you are finished, click commit and the changes will be committed. To abort a change, simply close the dialog window or move to another tab. Note: when you update a workout, an email will be sent out to all people who have marked interest in the workout.

I keep missing interesting workouts because I don't notice them on the workout calendar until it's too late. Can I get some kind of notification when a new workout is posted?

Currently, there is no option to get notifications when workouts are posted, if enough people request this feature, the webmaster will work on adding it.

Some of the workouts on the calendar are listed as "external" and show up in a different color. What does this mean?

"External" workouts are workouts that are being hosted by a group other than UCDTri, but that we're welcome to go to. They have also been used to describe workouts that take place outside of Davis.

Do I have to "mark interest" in a workout on the online calendar in order to attend?

No, you can attend any workout, even if you didn't mark interest in it online. Marking interest in a workout serves two purposes. First, you'll get an email notification if the workout gets cancelled or if the details (time, place, etc.) change. Second, this helps the workout coordinator figure out how many people to expect and whether they should wait a couple minutes for you to show up. If you mark interest in a workout, you can always go back later and change how likely you are to attend the workout, or completely remove yourself from the list.

Why do some of the workouts on the website workout calendar have stars next to them? Are these required workouts?

No, the star simply indicates that this is a "core" workout; i.e., it is guaranteed to happen at the same time every week. These workouts are student posted and follow the training calendar.

I miss a feature on the old site, how can I get it to come back?

Any feature that was on the old website can be integrated into the new site in some form, however, some features of the old site aren't very useful and others would take too long too integrate. If you really want a feature, login into the website and submit feedback in the website section describing the old feature that you would like revived and if the webmaster has time, (s)he will try and add it to the new site.

This website doesn't display properly on my computer?!?

This website will not display correctly in IE < 8. Please upgrade your browser because of the new security features. If you use Firefox, Safari or Opera, the website should display correctly in the recent versions. If you have trouble finding anything, discover typos, or have suggestions, please contact the webmaster at webmaster@ucdtri.com!

If you would like to sponsor our team, please send an email with contact information to sponsorship@ucdtri.com