Brick Workouts Brick Workouts

What's a BRick?

Some of you may be thinking, "well duh, a brick is a solid red block that I would chuck at someone I absolutely cannot stand." But, actually a "BRick" is a workout that combines 2 of the 3 sports in a triathlon. Much like actual bricks are stacked on top of each other, swimming, biking, and running are "stacked" during one workout session. For example: swim-bike brick or bike-run brick. Doing bricks allow you to practice each of your transitions for a triathlon swim-to-bike transition and bike-to-run transition), so you can improve your transition time. By practicing your transitions, you'll be able to whizz by all of the competition instead of awkwardly stumbling to get your wetsuit off and falling off your bike while trying to mount or dismount it.


Organized team bricks will take place during the winter and spring seasons once everyone has built up a strong base. All bricks will be run by our head coach and usually take place on a Saturday or a Sunday. Bricks will usually take place at Bee Biology Rd. or Lake Natoma (directions given out at a later time). Please refer to the workout calendar for more details.

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