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Bike workouts will be lead by our head coach and our student coordinators. We will have one official coached bike workout per week and the rest of the bike workouts will be lead by a student coordinator. The structure of the bike workouts will follow the training plans written by our head coach. Fall will focus more on biking drills, familiarizing yourself with the bike loops in Davis, and just getting to know your teammates. The beginning months are usually a base-building phase and a great time for you to get comfortable with riding your bike and just putting some mileage in.


Most of the bike workouts will start at the intersection of Lake Blvd. and Russell Blvd. To get here, follow the bike path on Russell all the way pass the cuarto dorms until you get to Lake Blvd. (it's a little bit past all the olive trees). To get more detailed directions on where Lake & Russell is refer to the bike loops listed below. During the fall quarter, bike workouts may also start from the Bike Barn. The Bike Barn is located next to the Silo on campus.


The maps in this section were created with the GMaps Pedometer tool. Give the maps a second or two to load, then you should be able to zoom and drag them around, just like in regular GoogleMaps. Although distances are provided for each loop, they are probably slightly short for the longer loops since the plotted course cuts some corners on the map. Also note that bike workouts usually start from Lake & Russell, but the workout coordinator may post a different starting location in the workout description.

Dixon Loop

Total distance: 19.1 miles

The Dixon Loop (aka "20-mile loop" or "Pedrick Loop") is the most common cycling loop and the most suitable for beginners. The loop starts at the intersection of Lake and Russell, heads west down the Russell bike path, turns south toward Dixon, and eventually turns back and enters the UCD campus from the south. There is a very brief uphill where the course takes an overpass over I-80. Sadly, this is the closest thing there is to a hill in Davis without going significantly farther from campus. A map of the course is available here.

Airport Loop

Total distance: 15.4 miles

The airport loop is another excellent course for beginners. This course is even shorter than the Dixon loop and is entirely flat. A map of the course is available here (note that the end of the course returns on a frontage road adjacent to CA-113, not on 113 itself!).

UCD Race Course

Total distance: ~18 miles

The flat and fast 18 mile course used in the UCD Sprint Triathlon starting in 2006. A map is available here.

Clockwise Winters Loop

Total distance: 25.5 miles

This "standard" variant of the Winters loop starts off like the Dixon Loop, but turns right onto Sievers Road instead of left. It eventually loops back to Stevenson Bridge Road and returns to Lake & Russell the way it came out. This course is completely flat. A map of the course is available here.

Winters-Dixon Loop

Total distance: 29.1 miles

This variant of the Winters loop heads down Putah Creek road, turns left onto Boyce road, returns to Sievers, and then finishes the same as the Dixon Loop. A map of the course is available here.

Extended Winters-Dixon Loop

Total distance: 39.0 miles

This variant of the Winters loop is similar to the previous one, except that it heads farther down Putah Creek Road and then continue all the way back to Mace Blvd instead of turning down Old Davis Road like the Dixon Loop. A map is available here.

Lake Solano Loop

Total distance: 34.4 miles

A more intermediate level loop. The Lake Solano Loop is somewhat longer than most of the loop above and also has a couple of gently rolling hills. A map of the course is available here.

Cantelow Loop

Total distance: 47.0 miles (actually more like 50, but the map is slightly inaccurate)

Cantelow is a course for more experienced riders. It is significanly longer than the other courses listed on this page (50 miles) and also contains a legitimate hill (Cantelow Hill) at mile 25. There are also some rolling hills before Cantelow that are still steeper than anything seen on the other courses on this page. A map of this course is available here.

Cardiac-Cantelow Loop

Total distance: 66.2 miles (although this is probably a bit too short)

This loop hits another big hill (Cardiac) before continuing on with Cantelow Hill. The distance and climbing make this a course for experienced riders; make sure you're comfortable with the basic Cantelow Loop before tackling this one. A map of the course is available here.

Mix Canyon-Cantelow Loop

Total distance: 58.4 miles

This loop is the basic Cantelow Loop, with a detour up Mix Canyon Road thrown in. Mix Canyon (often simply referred to as "Mix") is the absolute hardest hill in our area and only the very strongest cyclists are capable of making it all the way to the top. The grade gets progressively harder the farther up you go, so you may elect to only go partway up if you're not an incredible cyclist. A map of this course is available here.

Wooden Valley Loop

Total distance: ~90 miles

If you're looking for a long ride with a lot of hills, this is a great ride. The ride heads out toward Fairfield and then ends up coming back over Cardiac for a total of about 90 miles. A map is available here (note: there are so many points on this map that some web browsers take a long time to render it and some may even fail completely).

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