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To create an inclusive tri-athletic community of the UC Davis students of every ability level, that will promote the positive aspects of the sport of triathlon through active involvement of our members in training opportunities, social events, and intercollegiate competition.

The UC Davis Triathlon Club, better than any other sports club, challenges you as a total athlete. The team is coached by an experienced, professional coach who prepares you to compete across multiple disciplines, swimming, cycling and running, which allows the beginner to advanced level athlete to reach his/her full potential athletically. The UCD Tri club represents all that is great in collegiate team athletics while supporting the emerging athlete in all of us to the seasoned athlete looking to compete on a national stage. The team is designed around athletes from all levels of fitness and experience. We welcome anyone with the dedication and drive to be successful at any level.

The UCD Tri team emphasizes both the competitive nature of the sport and the fun aspect of being on a collegiate team. Our dedicated student team officers do a great job at creating team building events, fundraisers, etc. in order to build a strong team atmosphere. In addition, the team partners with several sponsors in order to make your life as a colligate triathlete more successful. The competitive nature of the sport endures through our training and racing. The team belongs to the most competitive conference in the country which includes schools such as UC Berkeley, Stanford, Cal Poly, UCLA , UC Santa Barbara and UC San Diego. The West Coast Conference accounts for many of the top triathlon collegiate club programs in the United States, UC Davis included.

Sprint distance race: 500-750 Meter Swim, 12 Mile Bike, 3.1 Mile Run

Olympic distance race: 1500 Meter Swim, 24 Mile Bike, 6.2 Mile Run

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Being a part of a successful and team oriented club means you will enjoy one of the most appreciated aspects of student life here at UC Davis, which is being a student athlete. You also have the opportunity to build your legacy as a student athlete and support the great sport of triathlon. One of the most important facets of being a student athlete is doing something great for yourself and the team that is handed down through time to your fellow triathletes. This club affords you that opportunity which is something that can endure forever.

Want to learn more about us? Feel free to email us at info@ucdtri.com and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have. (Please check the Frequently Asked Questions page first to see if your question has already been answered.) You can also check out our Facebook Page.

If you have any specific question, our officers will assist you, so please visit The Officers page

UCD TRI team 2016-2017

If you would like to sponsor our team, please send an email with contact information to sponsorship@ucdtri.com