Bike Loaner Program Bike Loaner Program


This program is designed to help get our new and beginner athletes access to bikes early in their triathlon careers to give them a better experience within our great sport. As our bike numbers are limited in this program, it is important to give preference to those athletes that cannot otherwise access a bike and then those with the most team interest and future potential. To qualify, athletes must meet the following criteria:

  • 1. Pay team dues, either quarterly or annually
  • 2. Sign a contract agreeing to return the bike in similar or better shape
  • 3. Keep the bike in working order with basic maintenance as necessary
  • 4. Give the team a $100 Deposit Check, see below
  • Program Duration and Deposit

    Bikes loaned out by the team will require a $100 check made out to “Triathlon at UCD” to be cashed only if the bike is not returned or major damage is done. A loaned bike should be returned within 3-6 months, only to extend beyond 3 months when no wait list is present. The new athlete should then look to purchase a bike at Ken’s, our sponsor, or on Craigslist, etc.

    Future Donations

    This program runs on donations from generous alumni and our community members. If you or someone you know has an underutilized bike, we will trade for tax deductible paperwork. If you would like to donate please contact our president at

    If you would like to sponsor our team, please send an email with contact information to